/ Performance

for a conference

Released at the III International Dramaturgy Festival, this project questions if there is a possible narrative that precedes the creation of any speech, and invites the French-spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado to design a manual, in wich its instructions draw up a sort of dramaturgy to approach any subject.

The conferences are written and performed following the instruction manual which was crafted by Paul B. Preciado, who, by intentionally increasing or decreasing the presence of linguistic marks and cultural codes behind gender production, aimed to enhance the cognitive emancipation of the audience/spectator. The question veers towards the onlooker and the listener: why repeat the gender which has allegedly been assigned to me?, would it be possible to introduce variables of change?, does the world change if I change gender?

Juanuary/ February:
Dramaturgy for a conference at 12 FIBA
Tomassa Espin (o Tomás Espina)
Mario Bersztern (o Mariana Obersztern)
Juana Onofri Barbata (o Juan Onofri Barbato)