/ Dance

(o TOPÍA) _

Germany – France – Argentina

In this collaboration, Paula Rosolen, from her desk in a city in Germany, asks Leticia Mazur through TOPIA what would become of dance without migration. Can we track the movements that were provided by the bodies that migrated throughout generations? In AURA, Leticia Mazur creates from a stage in the distance the absurd attempt to capture the invisible, to speak the unspeakable, to dance the absence, eventually reflecting on the premise that being another person can be as impossible a task as being oneself.


  • Choreographic text: Paula Rosolen
  • Direction, choreography and interpretation: Leticia Mazur
  • Production and Director assistant: Gianluca Zonzini
  • Sound design: Patricio Lisandro Ortíz
  • Light design: Matías Sendón
  • Design and realization of costumes: Esteta Studio
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra

This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, Goethe-Institut, Alianza Francesa, Centro Cultural Recoleta y Plataforma Fluorescente.