/ Dance

I.         I am.    She

Germany – France – Argentina

Somewhere in France, David Wampach sends to Luis Biasotto JOIEJOYFELIZ, a document that presents itself as a photo novel with elements that describe three parts, three circles, three durations, with spiral movements that give way to transformation, change level, go through shapes, migrate in their displacement and create a mystic joy, providing contrast and brevity. In Buenos Aires, Luis Biasotto and Luciana Acuña reply by creating a piece where the act doesn’t reproduce a preexisting event. YO. SOY. ELLA. formulates a “He/She” that is both a subject and an object impossible to catch, something that doesn’t find a place and stays. It stays to depart again. It goes away to come back. It comes back in order to not stay. In short, it was never there, but it’s still there.


  • Written by David Wampach & Luis Biasotto
  • Created by Luciana Acuña y Luis Biasotto
  • Cast: Luciana Acuña
  • Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
  • Light design: Matías Sendón
  • Costume Advice: Gabriela A. Fernández
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra
  • Director: Luis Biasotto

This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, Goethe-Institut, Alianza Francesa, Centro Cultural Recoleta y Plataforma Fluorescente.