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Mario Bersztern
o Mariana Obersztern_

Filósofo invitado para la creación del Manual de Instrucciones:
Paul B. Preciado (España – Francia)

Could we create an instruction manual to give a conference? Is there a narrative that precedes the creation of any speech? In this section, a philosopher in another country designs a series of instructions for a conference that will be held in Argentina. These instructions draw up a sort of dramaturgy that proposes several steps to follow in order to approach any subject. So, three local speakers, specialists that come from different backgrounds, carry out their talk by following the rules of this singular manual.

About Paul B. Preciado’s manual
The conferences are written and performed following an instruction manual which was crafted by Paul B. Preciado, who, by intentionally increasing or decreasing the presence of linguistic marks and cultural codes behind gender production, aimed to enhance the cognitive emancipation of the audience/spectator. The question veers towards the onlooker and the listener: why repeat the gender which has allegedly been assigned to me?, would it be possible to introduce variables of change?, does the world change if I change gender?

About Mario Bernsztern’s conference:
She realizes she has been asked to give herself in to an absolutely unknown voice. Actually, it’s not a voice, but how to call a foreign thought, embedded in a fabric of rules that she has to host in her body? And also, why would he do it? Why would she let herself be commanded by a set of instructions that ar not really hers? She refuses. She would never let herself moved to and from like a little boat.

January 29 at 8 PM
Capilla room

Centro Cultural Recoleta
Junín 1930



  • Dj on stage: Persian Gaston
  • Lighting: Gonzalo Córdova
  • Video: Mariana Obersztern
  • Edition: Ian Kornfeld
  • Actoral collaboration: Valentina Pagliere and Guadalupe Sanz
  • Artistic assistance: Julia Perette
  • Dramaturgy and direction: Mariana Obersztern
  • Camera in construction site: Nicolás Miranda
  • Field work in the construction site: Mariana Obersztern, Julia Perette and Nicolás MirandaThanks to Laura Santos, Abril Suarez and the guys from the construction site.


This project is produced by Plataforma Fluorescente & Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, coproduced by 12 Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, with the support of Centro Cultural Recoleta, Instituto Nacional de Teatro and Mecenazgo Cultural