/ Theatre

of Normality

By Saara Turunen (Finland)
Directed by Sebastián Kalt (Argentina)

What does it mean to be normal? Saara Turunen’s The Phantom of Normality explores that prevailing, cruel, hostil but also seductive North. It creates a comically taciturn Finland, inhabited by a crowd of nonsense characters seeking for that intransigent fiction.
Inspired by Luis Buñuel’s film The Phantom of Liberty, this Image theatre play proposes a surreal meditation on the construction of “normality” at the expense of diversity.
After all, who hasn’t been stalked by the Phantom of Normality?

Thursday 7th, Wednesday 13rd and Thursday 14th June | 8:00 pm

Promotional price $ 120

Continues its season:
Wednesday and Thursday, from June 21 to 28 | 8:00 pm

Location: El Cultural San Martín | Sarmiento 1551. CABA | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina


  • Written by Saara Turunen
  • Translation: Luisa Gutiérrez Ruiz
  • Cast: Josefina Boscaroli, Bautista Duarte, Benjamín Lahitte, Jorgelina Pérez, Guillermo Weiss
  • Set design: Sebastián Kalt
  • Video: Juan Pedro Yelpo
  • Technical advice: Ariel Silvestre
  • Lighting design: Jorge Ferro
  • Costumes design: Lara Sol Gaudini
  • Costume assistance: Gabriela Muñoz
  • Realization of masks: Axel Caponi
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra
  • Director: Sebastián Kalt

This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, TINFO, Nordic Drama Corner, Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia, El Cultural San Martín, Plataforma Fluorescente.