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The Schrödinger

Written by Santiago Sanguinetti (Uruguay)
Directed by Pablo Seijo (Argentina)

A soccer player who leaves the field midgame. Two giant stuffed animals as official team mascots. Quantum physics and Schrödinger’s cat applied to everyday life. Multiverses that collide in a stadium’s locker room. Zombies and Temperley’s hooligans. Anarchism and its scientific justification. Banukin and Max Planck combined, causing a disaster. And the only hope that, in another universe, something better is happening to each one of us.

June 4 and 11 | 9:00 pm

Promotional price: $ 120

Continues its season:
Monday, from June 18th to September 3rd, 21 h

Location: TIMBREe 4 | México 3554 | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina


  • Written by Santiago Sanguinetti
  • Cast: Juan Isola, Guido Losantos, Facundo Aquinos, Pablo Cura, Horacio Acosta, Emanuel Parga, Mauro Malaspina
  • Costumes desing: Magda Banach
  • Costume assistance: Luciana Hernández
  • Desing and realization of cat costumes: Ricardo Rosas
  • Set design: Ariel Vaccaro
  • Lighting desing: Matías Sendón
  • Sound design: Zypce
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra
  • Production: Poppy Murray
  • Assistant director: Arturo Alonso
  • Director: Pablo Seijo
  • This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas (INAE), TIMBRe 4 y Plataforma Fluorescente.

Esta pieza es una coproducción entre Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, INAE, TIMBRe 4 y Plataforma Fluorescente.