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By Mariana Silva Yrigoyen (Perú)
Directed by Nacho Ciatti (Argentina)

Once upon a time, Sofía had a family. Now, still in mourning, her apartment begins a spectacular decomposition that gives way to a stunning jungle. In that savage and vital territory, Sofía’s memories will surface as well as the wildest desire, that will give her the strength to carry on.

Saturdays, June 9 and 16th | 10:30 pm

Promotional price $ 120

Continues its season:
Saturdays, from June 23 to September 8th | 10:30 pm

Espacio Callejón | Humahuaca 3759 | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina


  • Written by Mariana Silva Yrigoyen
  • Cast: Martina Iglesias, Laila Duschatzky, Francisco Donovan
  • Lighting design: Santiago Badillo
  • Set design: Santiago Badillo
  • Costume design: Gisela Mancuso
  • Costume Assistance: Carolina Boverini
  • Music and Sound Design: Patricia Casares
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra
  • Assistant director: Florence Zothner Ciatti
  • Director: Nacho Ciatti

This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, Teatro Plaza, Espacio Callejón, Plataforma Fluorescente