/ Theatre


By Vedrana Klepica (Croacia)
Diected by Azul Lombardía (Argentina)

Three women will have to explain to a fourth woman who stayed awake waiting for them why they spent the entire night out and why their dresses are bloodstained. One of these women will try to run away from her family, another one wonders if she’ll have to spend the night sleeping in parallel to the walls or perpendicular to the hallway, and what she will do in a few days when her husband dies in the war. The third one fantasizes about working in a bank or going back to her mother and grandmother’s hometown, which was bought by Russian rich oilmen and turned into a sex wellness centre for businessmen who are looking for wild sex. It’s hard to make out if it’s four women and the true consequence of the actions they take and the times they live in. Turma is a dystopian play about the trans-generational fear that comes in hints, that can’t be noticed or defined without a serious look into the past.

Fridays, June 8 and 15th | 9:00 pm

Promotional price $ 120

Continues its season:
Fridays, from June 22 to September 7 | 9 pm

Teatro Anfitrión | Venezuela 3340 | Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires | Argentina


  • Written by Vedrana Klepica
  • Translation: Nikolina Zidek
  • Cast: Rocío Muñoz, Laura López Moyano, Ana Garibaldi, Maby Salerno, Mónica Raiola, Mariel Fernández, Marcelo Mariño, Hernán Melazzi.
  • Lighting design: Santiago Badillo
  • Set design: Santiago Badillo
  • Costume design: Victoria Naná
  • Music: Ariel and Federico Schujman
  • Photography in graphics: Nacho Iasparra
  • Production assistant: Agustina Benedetelli
  • Production and assistant director: Felicitas Luna
  • Director: Azul Lombardía

This project is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, Centro Croata del ITI, Teatro Anfitrión, Plataforma Fluorescente.